ANTMAN uses a configuration file to store runtime parameters.


Start by adding a white list:

antman --setWhiteList=misc/data/NiV_6_Malaysia.fasta

We can also update the watch directory:

antman --setWatchDir=/Users/willrowe/Desktop

Or change the log file:

antman --setLog=newlog.txt

Start/stop the daemon

To start:

antman --start

Or you can provide all the previous commands in one:

antman --setWhiteList=misc/data/NiV_6_Malaysia.fasta --setWatchDir=/Users/willrowe/Desktop antman --setLog=newlog.txt --start

To stop:

antman --stop


  • The order you provide the flags doesn't matter. The commands will always follow a hierarchy: stop, config changes, start.
  • Any config changes will implicitly first stop any running daemon before making changes. If this happens, the daemon will then be restarted (unless --stop was included in the command).